Arctic Night Raid


Arctic Night Raid

25.02.2023 17:00 - 25.02.2023 20:00
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Arctic Night Raid is a milsim-themed airsoft event, which is arranged for the second time in Kokkola. The games are played in dusk and darkness, but depending on the game mode, the lights on the field will be used to illuminate parts of the field. The off-game are is lit. 

The "Fifth Column" is a group of covert soldiers from a foreign nation, preparing to sabotage objectives of strategic importance in the Arctic. The "Special Forces" have been tasked to destroy the opponent and stop them from extracting valuable intel to a foreign nation. 

17.00 Drop-in and briefing
After the first warm-up game a series of scenarios will be played until around 20-21. 
During the games there will be a break, and sausages are served. 

Contact us on FB/IG @airsoftkokkola or if you have more questions. 

This event has already ended.

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