Pako Häämäestä


Pako Häämäestä

09.09.2023 09:00 - 09.09.2023 17:00
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Welcome to Häämäki!

As a player, you find yourself at remains of Nordic Special Economic Zone, currently isolated and fought-over area. Several military organizations are trying to take control over the area, and it's borders are under extreme control.
Your task is to survive, perhaps even to break through the border and get back to safe, orderly society.

What does this mean?

Pako Häämäestä (Escape from Häämäki) is an experimental scenario, which aims to adapt Escape from Tarkov to an airsoft scenario. Player steps into free-for-all situation either alone or with a friend, and goal is to gather resources, complete tasks, upgrade their gear and survive on ruins of collapsed society. Do you want to bring down other players, try to talk yourself forward or betray your friend? Everything is possible. Event continues the series that began in Kakskerta.

Price is 15e for Turkusoft members and 20e for non-members.

15 PMC players need sign up before 2.9. If this amount isn't fulfilled, event will be cancelled.

We are also in need for extra hands as local scavs and for other help. If you are interested, contact

Details & Gear limitations

Scenario uses Turkusoft rule set, which is adapted to fit the scenario.

  • Remove any attachments, as sights, grips and such from your gun beforehand. Player begins with barebones -weapon.
  • As an addition, gear such as PCs, rigs, pouches, and so forth are now unlockables.
  • Take those attachments with you, they can be earned/unlocked for use during the scenario.
  • Scenario has magazine limits. Player begins with 1 mag, again more can be unlocked during the scenario.
  • Magazines limited to low-/mid caps only. High caps, box/drum mags and alike are forbidden.
  • Amount of BB's in magazines and pockets is limited.
  • Max 3 persons per team. Teams are registered on-site.
  • You also need a bag / back bag of some sort for that precious loot.
  • For players, allowed weapon types are assault rifles/bolt actions/shotguns/pistols.

Questions can be asked on Turkusoft Discord or Airsoft Finland Discord, on scenario-specific channels!

Changes from last year

  • Limited amount of BBs in a magazine.
  • Players will start off with less gear than last year.
  • Scavs will have "more civilian" clothing style to clearly separate them from players.
  • Buying gear will be harder.
  • Rigs will have to be purchased.
  • We are trying to make transferring loot / buying stuff faster.
  • Starting points will be easier to find or players will be guided to starting points.
  • Organizers will sell water at off-game.
  • Tasks will be changed according to feedback.
  • Amount of loot in raid will be limited.
  • Some of the purchased upgrades are lootables, and they are lost when player drops out of the game.

We are also trialing in-game trader!


    • 9:00 - Registration opens
    • 10:30 - Game-info
    • 11:00 - First game begins!
    • 12:00 - Second game begins!
    • Games at even hours.
    • 16:00 - Last game begins.
    • 17:00 - Scenario over, all players head home.

    This event has already ended.

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